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In those younger years,my home was a hive of unbridaled hedonism.A roiling apiary,where instinct and impulse,were indulged with wild abandon.A bewitching predator slipped in amongst the swarm of tittering sycophants.Though outwardly urbane,I could sense in her a mocking thirst.Driven half-mad by cloying vulgarity.I plotted to rid myself to this lurking threat.in a grand display of sadistic sport.But when the moment of murder drew nigh.The gibbous moon revealed her inhuman desires.In all their stultifying hideousness.




Mercifully, the morbid encounter resolved itself in my favour, and I set to work persuing degeneracy in it’s most decadent forms. The air pulsed with anticipation as I revealed the unnatural terroir of the house vintage. But my exhaultation was cut short as the attending gentry turned upon themselves, in an orgy of indescribable frenzy. A single drop of that for bidden tannin gifted me with a dizzying glimpse of the hibernating horror beneath my feet. And in that moment, I understood the terrible truth of the world. I stood reborn, molted by new found knowledge. My head throbbing to the growing whine of winged vermin come to drink the tainted blood of the Darkest Dungeon.